Friday, September 29, 2006

September 29 Bonus Blog
Robert Ray, Joel Klasky and I worked on tweaking the Cave Creek Wild West Days ad most of the morning. It needed a map, but Gus Walker is a thousand miles away. Robert found one of Gus's old maps in our morgue and popped it in, tweaked it and it's done. Great job Robert Ray!

Happy Birthday greetings to Scooter Angel, Maniac #1334!

More Bad Apaches
I went home for lunch and had fun with my "bad Apaches." That's the goofy and awful portrayals of our Native American neighbors to the east of here who have had some ridiculous miscast people play them (and draw them!). Most of these cartoons were sketched from real examples. The "Woah!" is from an Italian Western comic book called "Tex," and both the top ones are from movies in the 1950s and 1960s. The "Yo," Brave is a parody of Frank Frazetta, who is a monster illustrator so I kind of bow down to his mastery, even though the image is painfully inaccurate. The 1950's Fonzie Apache is from a comic book called the Apache Kid, I believe. And it looks like he was modeled after Fabian or Ricky Nelson (or both). This is a hoot. I may do more of these.

"The only good Indian is a well drawn Indian."
—Vincent Van Google

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