Wednesday, September 06, 2006

September 6, 2006
Lots of landscapes and action sequences going on in the studio. Great reference from my recent trips. Here's another photo from the crow's nest session on Monday night. As I mentioned yesterday, this is an Ed Mell painting waiting to happen:

Bob Boze Brimley?
"Maybe it is the way your shirt blouses out around your back, or maybe it is just the mustache and glasses and hat. Whatever it is, in that picture of you with the medal around your neck, you look like Wilford Brimley's illegitimate son."
—Charlie Waters

I'm also still trying to find the right color scheme for the Top Secret Project. Here's a couple action sketches from last week:

T. Charles called from Philadelphia. He's moved there from Manhattan and says he likes it. I never thought I'd have an eastcoast son, but there you go. I never thought I'd have a wife who was a therapist either, but thank God for the unexpected add ons.

"Man in every age has created woman in the image of his own desire."
—James Laver

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