Monday, September 04, 2006

September 4, 2006
Ed LeRoy and the staff at Old Cowtown Museum in Wichita treated me like royalty over the weekend. At noon on Saturday, a Concord coach carried me into the park and deposited me in front of Fritz Snitzler's Saloon. As the crowd cheered, I was taken inside and given a medal on behalf of the museum and The AFRG National Committee (I'm not making this up, see photo). The welcoming committee included, from left, Randy Edens (he played Mike Meagher in the True West Moment), Britt Sageser (he played Bat Masterson) and Bob Garrett.

I forgot to take off the medal as we began filming the big True West Moment bit on Sunday morning and didn't discover it until the master shot with the galloping horses was in the can, so I had to wear it throughout the shoot for continuity. So when you see the finished piece and your significant other wonders aloud, "Why is Boze wearing that damned medal around his neck?" you can say with some authority, "He's a forgetful goober." And then when she looks at you funny, like, "how could you possibly know that?" you add the coup de graw, "he's from Kingman." And, trust me, she'll nod knowingly.

I'm working on a milestone today as I close in on my two-thousandth sketch (six a day) without missing. It's just after lunch and I have whipped out two and plan to finish in the next hour or so. I'll post the images as soon as I can.

"Time is at once the most valuable and the most perishable of all our possessions."
—John Randolph

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