Thursday, May 15, 2008

May 15, 2008
Went to my second yoga class this morning, where we did a movement called "Pigeon On My Back." It's not as fruity as it sounds. Hate to admit it, but I feel rejuvinated. I start cardio rehab tomorrow and travel down to a hospital on Bell Road.

News From The Front Lines
"Karine Elsener from Vanves, France called to renew her subscription today. Before hanging up, she said that she wanted to tell everyone that you make a great great magazine. She said she has been reading it for many years. This all sounded really lovely with a French accent."
—Carole Compton Glenn

Yesterday, Robert Ray helped me print out some captured video shots from the movie Rio Grande. Utilized them in the sketches, below:

Great action shots and wonderful lighting effects to poach from.

"Of course the government and the newspapers lie. But in a democracy, they're not the same lies."
—Steve Jackson

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