Friday, May 16, 2008

May 16, 2008
Still quite cool out. The palo verdes are still in bloom and now the saguaros are starting to bud out. Supposed to finally break 100 degrees this Sunday, but it's been a great dodge while it's lasted.

Got four eggs today and fried three. Was supposed to go to cardiac rehab this morning, but the facilitator called and cancelled. One of her technicians had a death in the family. Rescheduled for next Monday.

Heartfelt Advice
"I had my heart attack and 7 bypasses almost 11 years ago. The hospital and my cardiac Dr. set up a very comprehensive rehab program for me to take home when I was released. They stressed not trying to do too much too soon and to rest if I felt tired. The program consisted of some diet modifications, an exercise program that started out pretty easy and as time went on it became more strenuous. Something that really helped is that my wife of 56 years is a registered nurse who has worked in cardiac intensive care and rehab. she did not let me get away with anything! I go for a check up every 6 months and once a year they do an ultrasound scan as well as an electrocardiogram. Every thing is fine. I no longer leap over tall buildings but I can sure step over small dog houses. I really hope your recovery goes as well as mine did. Seriously, after about 6 months I could do just about anything I had done before the heart attack. The rehab specialists really know what they are doing."
—Brooks Baker

Samantha Somers is leaving True West. She is embarking on a new business involving pet care and we wish her the best. She really revolutionized our web sales. Thanks Sam!

Lined out a scene by scene storyboard for the Top Secret Project last night. Input those scenes in the 24-page-excerpt that will run next fall in True West. We've got too much story, but I'll make it fit. Robert Ray helped me with creating a style sheet for the typography this morning. Going to be sweet. Still studying Remington via John Ford. Here's what I mean:

News From The Front Lines
"I must admit I was a bit concerned when you said 'W' was going to be on this month's cover. YOU GOT ME. My wife heard me laughing from the mail box."
—C 'Kip' Coryea

"If you want to be the best, find the best in others."
—Ron Kaufman

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