Sunday, May 04, 2008

May 4, 2008
Hit a milestone today. After a week of doing the hardest thing first, I put the finishing touches this morning on two commissions: "Ambush At Stagecoach Pass" and "Powhattan Clarke Reaches For Iron." Feels great. Both have been on my to do list for a very long time.

Thanks to Scott Dunton, I got this cool autographed photo from Lee Majors (The Six Million Dollar Man). Very nice. Evidently, Scott has a beach house on a certain lake near Kingman, next door to Lee.

Got seven eggs yesterday. All the hens are really laying. Gave Buddy Boze Hatkiller a flea (and flee) and tick bath. He hated it, but he was chewing on himself all the time.

Speaking of doggeral poetry (see yesterday's posting), I got a computer generated animation get well card from Will and Patty Hagerty. A pug-nosed bulldog dressed as a pirate sings: "You are the great pirate Robert Boze Bell. Sailing ships without water, I hope you are well. You're the greatest drummer that there is no doubt, next time you play music skip the Wipeout."

While we're on the subject of zany, one of my editors at New Times Weekly won a recent New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest. Here's the cartoon:

Most of the entries were lame, like, "Forget Oregon, I'm going to Vegas." Jeremy Voas, of Phoenix, Arizona came up with this: "Indian casino. I'd say Comanche."

Now that is damn funny. Good job Jeremy. He won a signed print of the cartoon. Woo-Hoo.

"I never smile when I have a bat in my hands. That's when you've got to be serious. When I get out on the field, nothing's a joke to me."
—Hank Aaron

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