Friday, May 30, 2008

May 30, 2008
Went to the skin doctor this morning and had my stitches removed from my back (errant mole removal). Cancer is clear for now. One thing at a time. Ha.

Last night Wonderful Russ and I motored down to the Phoenix Art Museum to see the sneak preview of a new Channel 8 documentary on Arizona in the seventies. It airs on Monday night. Theatre was almost full, lots of laughs, especially when we ran Russ for governor in 1974 and they showed the campaign poster that Dan Harshberger designed. Russel is standing outside the state capital with an enema bag and the caption says, "Wonderful Russ for Governer: he knows what Arizona needs." Of course, I was his campaign manager, which means I got him, maybe, three speeches lined up. Thanks to the equal time ammendment Russ was invited to all of the TV debates and made a mockery of all politicians. You can see for yourself this Monday (assuming you get KAET on your cable).

News From The Front Lines

"Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much I enjoy the magazine and the blog. I buy the magazine at the rack instead of subscribing. I have done this for many years, although I really don't know why. I should just subscribe. Maybe it's because it gives me an excuse to go to the book store. I think you have far and away the best western magazine, although my wife wants more home and lifestyle stuff. I find myself quoting from the magazine often, especially when it comes to gunfighter history. I spoke to you years ago, when you were deciding whether or not to drop the Old West Journal. You asked me what I thought. I was flattered! At that time I had been in the newspaper business about 20 years. I said keep it, I like it. Shows you what I know! I really like your blog and read it every day. Living in Tennessee, it makes me feel like I have a constant connection to the west. If forced to miss a day, I hurry to the computer to catch up. Thanks a bunch. Hope you get through your health issues. Suzanne and I will keep you in our prayers, if that's okay by you."

—Mike Dickerson, Sparta, Tennessee

Mike and Suzanne,
Thanks. I appreciate the feedback. The deal on Old West Journal is this: we ended up applying virtually all of the advancements from OWJ to True West. When Bob Brink came aboard he told me I couldn't afford to do both magazines and that my instincts were correct with OWJ, just apply them to True West. And so we did just that and haven't looked back.

One of Carole Glenn's friends from Texas, Julie Bradyshoks (who now lives in Tucson), just returned from Italy where she purchased a very popular comic book called Tex Willer, just for me. I'd seen it before, but evidently this is a very big deal in Italy. In addition to the comic book, behind it is a full page newspaper ad (one of several she tells Carole) for the books.

Meanwhile, I'm still noodling different styles. Got on a sepia wash kick yesterday:

And returned to my What Would Remington Do mode today:

Tomorrow I intend to blend Tex Willer (the Italian Stallion) with Remington, and see where that hybrid goes. Should be fun.

"The best way to predict the future is to invent it."
—Alan Kay

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