Tuesday, May 27, 2008

May 27, 2008 Bonus Blog Post
Here's a refreshing take on today's movies from the Top Secret Writer:

BBB: Finally watched No Country yesterday. What a pretentious pile of crap. That Hollywood gave that inept piece of storytelling (with a few cute eccentric Coen Bros. characters) the Best Picture Oscar says everything about where the film industry is today. I liked nothing about it (and yes, it is a western I'm afraid). Here is all I ever learned about storytelling in my years on the planet--a beginning, a middle, and an end. No ending in No Country. I know they did that on purpose to make a point--but their point is absurd (just like the original novelist--I don't follow the rules of punctuation or grammar cause I'm smarter than everybody else--McMurtry can write rings around that guy). Of course the smart crowd on both coasts love the guy--but the people stay away in droves from both novel and film. I'm just sorry that I paid $21 for the DVD--how smart am I? Now the real question to debate is which film was worse--Jesse James or No Country. I guess No Country had more scary moments--but Affleck was more worthy of the Oscar than pageboy (who played a good psycho--but not as good as the henchman in 3:10 to Yuma or the shark in Jaws). No wonder the western is in such trouble.

Tracy Lee forced us all to watch The Waterhorse because she was disgusted that I had forced the children to watch Jesse James and No Country. What a wonderful film---full of life and hope. A magnificent fantasy for children of all ages. It even actually had a structure--beginning, middle, end.No Oscar nominations for that film.
Then today the whole gang went to the actual theater to see Indiana Jones (a total of $67 with popcorn and drinks--Paul Andy snuck his drink in to save us $5). Great piece of moviemaking--a bit long but you left perfectly satisfied that you got your moneys worth! Bobby--when you have a movie with aliens in it its ok if the guy gets his nose broken without suffering consequences or you go over Niagara Falls without a skratch (its fantasy time). Nice wrap to the series with a delightful commentary on aging where the old man still does just fine. Was glad I saw it with Paul Andy--memory time indeed. No Country was Bad Dream Country--and a waste of time and money. PH

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