Wednesday, May 07, 2008

May 7, 2008
It was 28 years ago today at 6:11 P.M. that Kathy and I welcomed Deena Bell into this crazy world and to our home at 707 W. MacKenzie. Yesterday we took a photo on the same porch (behind Kathy, below).

Even though I did absolutely nothing at the hospital, having a kid really tired me out, as you can see, above.

Deena came out to the house at 5:30 today and, at her request, I made Robert's Roast. There was only one problem: I haven't made a roast in at least five or ten years, but my number one daughter wanted a home cooked meal, so, rather than do the crock pot deal like I did in the old days, I called Mad Coyote Joe and he walked me through his fail safe recipe over the phone. Although I was missing a couple ingredients it came out spectacular and we had a fun time having a great meal, looking at photos of her as a baby (like those above) and reminiscing about her best and worst times growing up (hint: being a teenager is a dark time for everyone).

"Historians and novelists are kin, in other words, but they're more like brothers who throw food at each other than like sisters who borrow each other's clothes."
—Jill Lepore

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