Saturday, May 17, 2008

May 17, 2008
Deena and Frank are with friends at Rocky Point, Mexico this weekend. Nice that they have made that sea port/resort their own. We took the kids there when they were mere babes in the early eighties and before the big hotels came ashore. In fact, the place was quite funky in a good way. We stayed at a teacher's cabin at Cholla Bay and had the beach all to ourselves until Saturday when the firecracker throwing mob showed up. Huge tide change every morning and night (allegedly the second most dramatic tide in the world) when the water goes out a half mile, or so. Great memories. Here we are, the only ones on the beach. The dog's name was Apache:

Kathy and I took recycling up to Carefree at nine, then went to Leslie Pools to buy a new pool pump. Ate at Kashman's Deli ($20 cash, includes tip). Had the turkey sando and a salad like a good boy.

Came home and worked on campfire lighting. Had some good reference from Frank Tenney Johnson, but the effect still evades me. Evidence to that effect tomorrow.

"History is a long and endlessly interesting argument, where evidence is everything and storytelling is everything else."
—Jill Lepore

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