Sunday, May 25, 2008

May 25, 2008
Another beautiful day on the desert. Nice and cool out (low seventies in the morning). Had the road to myself today.

Lots of art studies in the studio. What do trees, deep in a canyon, in an atmospheric haze, look like?:

This was for a study for a study of a certain character caught between two cultures and one chasm:

Yes, I keep returning to this scene, trying to capture a certain twilight drama. Meanwhile Gordon Smith called and we had a nice chat about our specific diseases and our mutual business status. While we chatted, I doodled the wet paint from the previous study into this:

I call it "Olympia, The Ghost Riding Surfer." Meanwhile, when I cut up my boards there are invariably odd pieces leftover and I took two of these and, inspired by two Winslow Homer sea scapes I perused yesterday I chanelled these two Homer meets Thomas Moran meets Ed Mell type landscapes:

Not bad. My goal today is to have fun in the studio (can't remember the last time that was the goal).

Meanwhile. . .

"To be a strong leader you must not project doubt, but to be a strong artist you must embrace doubt."
—Vincent Van Google

No doubt.

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