Thursday, May 08, 2008

May 8, 2008
Spent another morning down at the Heart Institute. This time I went alone (so Kathy can catch up on work). Dr. informed me the CT scan shows reduced blood flow. Need to have an angiogram so they can see if the stents are still working. Worrisome because the first two stents they installed in Kingman did not do the job and a couple days later they needed to go back in and put in two more. This latest setback points toward the possibility of open heart surgery, but I'll take the odds.

The doctor also read my Kingman emergency room files and pronounced me, "Tough and lucky."

Drove back out, listening to Barbara Walters being interviewed on the Diane Rheem Show. She said a very inspiring thing: "I didn't have the skills, I didn't have the confidence, but I had to do it." She was referring to some aspect of her TV career, but I applied it to my Top Secret Project efforts. Arrived at the office at 11. Fought a couple editorial fires, signed a stack of books for mail orders and came home.

Had leftover roast beef for lunch. Man, that sucker turned out great. Kept my portion small and chased it down with watermelon.

Speaking of food, here's a comment I got about not going to the Matador on Tuesday:

"If you passed on the best huevos rancheros in the world, you can do anything."
—Charlie Waters

And Speaking of Uncle Bugs
Here's a photo of Charlie Waters in Prescott with his namesake, Thomas Charles Bell (about 1983-84). Left to right: T. Charles, Jolyn (behind), Charlie, Deena and Linda Waters:

We had just got done eating at the Dinner Bell Cafe. Charlie was still the editor and publisher of the Prescott Courier.

"A film is just like a muffin. You make it. You put it on the table. One person might say, 'Oh, I don't like it.' One might say it's the best muffin ever made. One might say it's an awful muffin. It's hard for me to say. It's for me to make the muffin."
- Denzel Washington

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