Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April 20, 2010
One of the questions I often get is "What happened to the Billy the Kid dig?" Well, Mark Boardman is on the trail of this wacky, bizarre story and I'm planning on a cover painting to illustrate it. Going to start roughs this weekend. Mark has been sending me a few of his observations and I was laughing out loud this morning reading them.

Also working on a steamboat painting. Got some excellent photo reference on my trip back from Laughlin on Saturday. Here's The Needles from the bridge at Topock:

Man, those are some impressive spires, no? I assume we are looking at geographic strata turned straight up?

Meanwhile, the Mojave Indians have a mystical rock they worship as the creation location and I believe it's this one:

This is near Union Pass on the way to Bullhead and we grew up calling it "Finger Rock" because from the other direction it looks exactly like someone flipping the bird. Once again, really outrageous rock formation. I think the Mojaves saw an eagle in it. Just shows you how dirty minded white kids from Kingman can be.

"I'm insecure about everything, every day. I'm insecure now, that I'm not answering the question interestingly enough."
—Chris Rock, answering the question "What are you insecure about" in Allure magazine

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