Tuesday, April 06, 2010

April 6, 2010
Just got back from lunch with Mad Coyote Joe and Wonderful Russ. Joe treated and insisted we go downtown to Durant's, one of the oldest surviving watering holes in the Valley of the Sun. I used to eat there quite a bit when I worked downtown in the eighties, but hadn't been there in at least 15 years. We laughed quite a bit, and like I said, the whole deal was on Mad, and that was funny enough right there.

As I've mentioned here before, I've got some very obsessive friends. But even among my compulsive obsessive friends (yes, that would be you Bugs) one guy stands out, and that is Bob Stinson. Here, I'll let him tell you his story:

Babes On Graves III
"Besides guitars and pretty women, my biggest passion in life is adventure and exploring, especially when it involves Western history. I want to know what the Old West was really like. That’s why I gravitate to Old West cemeteries.

"Here I am on the road with the lovely Debbie Dayton:

"Yes, Debbie is the showgirl who posed on Alferd Packer's grave in the snow, that BBB ran on this blog a couple weeks ago:

"Last year, after my musician gig at the Vegas casino where I work, I hit the road with a beautiful showgirl named Cindy Dare, we had worked together in the past and she was very excited about joining me on my quest. We took some pictures in Tombstone and Wilcox, Arizona, and had dinner in a renovated old rail car that had been turned into a barbeque restaurant. The food was really, really good and the server came up and talked with us, just like we were old friends. She explained how her husband was a miner in Silver City, New Mexico, and that her family had recently moved to Wilcox. Why is it small town people seem to understand that it is not that difficult to be friendly to strangers?

"We got out to Warren Earp's grave at sunset and Cindy was overcome with emotion as she knelt by his lonely grave:

"From Wilcox, we traveled to Tombstone, and the next day we landed at Boothill Graveyard and Cindy put on her showgirl outfit and strutted her stuff beside the outlaw graves. Here she is in front of the Clanton's final resting place. You can almost hear the spurs spinning inside those coffins:

"I love to see a beautiful woman with a faraway look in a sad cemetery."
—Bob Stinson

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