Wednesday, April 28, 2010

April 28, 2010
Got this in this morning from Chalfont St. Giles, Britain:

"Bob ~ Something happen to your blog? -- it hasn't been updated for yonks, while your posts are available on the 'Community' section of the TW website. No sweat, but I can't believe I'm the only one who noticed this. Incidentally, and I quote you ["take the anchor, out in a small boat and plant the sucker on the far side of the sand bar, take out the slack with a wench, and then hand crank the boat over!"]. I am lost in admiration of the versatility and physical capabilities of those Gila boatmen -- enjoying a sex break and hauling themselves over a sandbank at the same time!"
—Fred Nolan

Yes, on April 14 we migrated my blog archives (some 2,900 posts) over to a new address because the site we were on apparently was going away. When we did this, something happened on the BBB Blog address bar and it stopped showing new posts. You guessed correctly, Fred, I have had numerous emails basically saying the same thing. As I understand it (and I really don't get why this happened) you need to refresh your link. Even though it's the same address, you need to go in via the following address and when you see the new posts, save the address on your favorites as Wayne Rutschman has done here:

"Yes I clicked on the address and brought up the new site. I then added that site to my favorites and told it to overwrite the old favorites address. Works fine now. Thanks for saving me the time to check the obits with your prompt reply."

And, as for the wench usage, yes, indeed I did mean they used a loose woman to make it over troublesome sandbars. They weren't so good, though, when it came to docking. Don't know why.

—Homer Simpson

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