Monday, October 11, 2010

A Kingman Cowboy In Gay Paris

October 11, 2010
Second day in Paris. Went to the Louvre today and the Effel Tower. You have to give credit to a town that draws millions of visitors every year to look at purloined art, liberated from rich bastards, who lost their heads in the process so that everyday schmucks like me can view the damn, fine stuff. Really inspiring. My faves, so far (going back tomorrow): the huge canvases of the early French masters, big, big and huge. Had no idea they worked that large.

No Way Charlie is here, which totally overturns 45 years of obstinate behavior.

Went up in the Effel Towner about three hours ago. Armed guards at the bottom. Comforting to know my 20X Beaver Brand hat was looking good on the ascent and the descent. French babe said to me, "Hello Ka-Boy." Life is good.

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