Saturday, October 16, 2010

Wild Wild Paree

October 16, 2010
Back from a wild trip to Reims yesterday (the Germans surrendered here in WWII) where we learned about champagne making, drank some, rode the 100 mph train back to Paris. On the way there, the train was stopped and a French SWAT team ran into the area. Very high security, although everyone seems quite casual about everything. The problem is that on the trains, unlike the airlines, there is no security to get in and everyone is carrying a backpack. And, about a third of the people fit the stereotype. Ha.

Charlie and Linda Waters' last day in Paris today. We walked to the Royal Palace, across from the Louvre, had lunch at a place, e /Restaurant du Paliasi Royal, where Napoleon supposedly had lunch 200 years ago. Charlie bought (260 euros), excellent wine and food. Then walked to Evangelina's, the best chocolate in Paris. Looking out over the Seine River as I write this.

Meeting with a publisher this coming week.

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