Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Oil Spill On Ol' Pinetop

October 26, 2010
Created a new True West Moment today featuring Walt Rigney who ran a saloon up on the Mogollon Rim in 1890. The soldiers called him "Ol' Pinetop" because his hair stuck out like a pine bough. Had a pretty good ink drawing going at lunch, but grabbed a jar of ink and shook it, but the lid was not on tight and it sprayed two books, my clothes and, alas, the drawing:

After I spent a half hour cleaning up everything and burning my clothes, I decided to see if I could save it with my scratchboard tools:

Not too shabby. Lots of happy accidents here. The ink blots at the top appear to be atmospheric background. Kind of cool. I also added a bit more spike to Rigney's hair. Most people don't know it but the town of Pinetop is named for Walt, because of his hair. Too funny. What a state, eh?

"Image is like a long shadow. Even when the sun goes down, you can see it."
—Keith Richards, in his new book, Life

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