Monday, September 24, 2012

An Apache Named Fun

September 24, 2012

Talked with Lou Cady, Jr. this morning. He'll be 91 in October. Said he fell off our subscription list and wants to get back on because all the people in his assisted living quarters in Texas absolutely love them. Going to send him a care package of issues he missed. Lou married my mother in 1971 and he was with her until her death in 2004. He wants his ashes put in her coffin at Mountain View Cemetery in Kingman and I assured him I would take care of it.

Here's a little study I whipped out this morning before I came into work. Been noodling the idea for a long time. The poem came to me on my walk up Old Stage Road.

There once was an Apache named Fun

 Who lived for the run & gun

 But when the weather got heavy

 He switched to a Chevy

 And now all his running is fun


"Every car is full of stories. Who rode in 'em, where they went, where they ended up, how they got there."

—Neil Young