Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Gullywashers, Peckasso, Tap Duncan and Kid Curry's Killer Eyes

September 18, 2012

   Went home for lunch and whipped out Kid Curry number four, "The Eyes of A Killer":

Went down to Tom's this morning to check out Peckasso's new harem. He has two French women who have moved in with him. Here they are showing off above him, giving copius peeks at their feathered gams.

Notice how big the bad boy painter is getting. According to Tom he is definitely ready to rule the roost.

Yesterday I whipped out a study of Eternal Wash." This is to commemorate our annual gullywashers:

And here's a work in progress of Kid Curry's Last Ride:

Also, thanks to Dan Bishop of Chloride, Arizona I made contact this morning with two writers in Bruneau (pronounced Bruno) Idaho. One of them, Mary Hall-Bailey has written a book,"Bruneau: Then And Now" which documents the shootout Tap Duncan had with a local bad boy Billy Hayes. I have heard of this fight my whole life and never knew the name of the man he was fighting. There's more, but needless to say, it fills in some huge holes in our family history AND the Kid Curry story.

"If you monkeyed with Tap Duncan, you were monkeying with a rattlesnake.”

—Attributed to anyone living in Mohave County between 1908 and 1944