Saturday, September 01, 2012

Doc In Dust by The Duke of Dust

 September 1, 2012

   Hot and humid. This is the season when we get the big thunderheads in the afternoon. Took this yesterday afternoon on my way back into the office:

Thunderheads Over Ratcliff Ridge

Played in my studio all morning. Dusted off a failed painting I found in a trip to the garage and noodled some new dust. It's of Doc Holliday and i must have first attempted it at least a decade ago, gave up threw it out there in the last pile to go to the dump. It's in the studio now and may just become a painting worthy of The Duke of Dust.

Doc In Dust by The Duke of Dust (enough redundancy for ya?)

"El amore es ciego pero los vecinos no."

Old Vaquero Saying (Love is blind, but not the neighbors)