Saturday, September 08, 2012

Hot Off The Grill And Hot Off The Press

September 8, 2012

    I went to my heart doctor last Thursday and he gave me high marks on my stress test (I lasted 10 minutes and, kept going on a 16 percent grade on the final assault!), he raved about my LDL and all those crazy numbers. He asked me what I attributed it to and I said, "someone told me four years ago, 'If it comes from a cow I don't want you to go near it.'" he laughed because, well, he's the guy who told me that. Then, much to my surprise, he added this, "You are doing so well, I think you could actually eat some grass fed beef, but stay away from corn fed, or any feedlot beef." He also told me that there has been an alarming rise in pancreatic cancer, which he guessed is from eating processed foods.

    Lo and behold, the very next day, Dave Daiss came in to the True West World Headquarters from his ranch at Sonoita with a small sample of his grass fed beef, including a nice, big porterhouse steak which had my name on it, literally. No, really. He had a packet with my name on it.

    Today, I treated myself with a porterhouse steak, eggs and rice—Pattarapan style (with fish sauce over the top— fresh greens and radishes, and, to top it off, the latest issue of True West magazine (October) hot off the press. I topped it off with a glass of cabernet and I would call this a perfect Saturday.

    Actually, now that I think of it, this is a prelude to a perfect Saturday because tonight my lovely girlfriend, Kathy Radina, and I are going downtown, into the Beast, to the Crescent Ballroom to see John Hiatt at eight P.M. For that we will bring a thermos of coffee.

 "Stay all night, stay a little longer, dance all night, dance a little, then go to bed early."

—Old Vaquero Warning