Thursday, September 06, 2012

White Hills Ghost Town Revisited

September 6, 2012

   We are coming up on our 60th year of publication next year, so I have been perusing old issues looking for ideas. Here's an issue I actually bought and read when I was growing up in Kingman:

Perusing the photos of ghost towns in the issue I spied one that looked very familiar:

White Hills was a ghost town about sixty miles north of Kingman. One summer, I want to say 1958, Dan Harshberger's parents took me with them on a Sunday picnic to see the notorious ghost town of White Hills. Denise Harshberger took this photo of Dan and I with our Fanner Fifties and "26 Men" Levi jackets:

Recognize the three buildings in the background?

"The idea of knowing exactly where you're going, is overrated."

—Sarah Sze