Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Meaning of The Bad Banjo Dream

September 22, 2012

   Kathy flew to California this morning to help our daughter get ready for the big weekend. That gave me plenty of excuse to come out to the studio and jam.

   Whipped out a little scene for Mickey Free (The Duke of Dust Presents):

The Long And Grinding Road

Fifteen Miles south of Fronteras Mickey's mule Tu came up short and sniffed the ground, snorting in his unique but obnoxious way. Peeking over the rise, Mickey saw something strange in the middle of the road.

This, of course, leads them to Los Muertos:

The town of the dead. Any resemblance to Carefree in 50 years is purely conjecture on your part.

Bad Banjo vs. The Perfect Banjo Dream Analysis

In the mid eighties I got a call from Billy Gibbons who told me he was sitting with the president of his record company and they were discussing this new rock video phenom and they were wondering if I'd come up with a concept for them to launch an original ZZ Top rock video. To make a long story short, I didn't send them anything. I could go on and on, but this, in essence is the message in the dream. I have missed so many cues it's not even funny. It would be just like me to obsess on the instrument that Jeff Foxworthy was holding and completely miss my cue AND the opportunity. Of course, the kids in the dream ran right past me and ended up on the stage while I stood there, waiting for the perfect banjo. Which never materialized.

End of dream analysis.

"The dream is over."

—Yoko Flippin' Ono