Thursday, September 20, 2012

Wanted: Actual Payment of Amount Offered On Poster

September 20, 2012

   Doing a MM on CG (TW slang for "massive massage" on Classic Gunfights). So many intriguing facts to get into a six-page article. For example, the posse member who shot Kid Curry got $25, a horse to replace the horse shot out from under him by Curry, a bridle, a shotgun and a rifle scabbard (I have a hunch most of these items were provided by generous neighbors of the rancher). There were at least $13,000 in rewards out for Kid Curry, but as happened time and time again, when it came time to pay up, the railroads, the banks and the state treasurers all ducked and turned tail. Another example is when the posse members who went toe to toe with the Youngers at Hanska Slough got $250 each, even though the posted rewards for the James Gang reached $10,000.

   And so it goes.

Ran across this Duke of Dust special called "Running Late."

Meanwhile, Ken and I had lunch at Tonto Bar & Grill today and I had a cup of gazpacho and it was pretty dang good. Sat outside, looking over the golf course. Very nice day. We are still hitting 103 degrees for daytime high, but the nights are cool and it just isn't as hot as last month.

If you missed our TV show, I just found out that Outrageous Arizona will replay on Eight World, Channel 88, at 6:30 p.m. on Oct. 6.

"I work on the same principal as people who train horses. You start with low fences, easily achieved goals, and work up. It's important in management never to ask people to try to accomplish goals they can't accept."

—Ian MacGregor