Friday, September 21, 2012

Kid Curry Goes South And Banjo Dreams As Well

ttSeptember 21, 2012

   Woke up at three and couldn't go back to sleep so got up and came out to the studio to work. Did a couple gouache studies and worked on a master list for attacking the final approach to Kid Curry Classic Gunfight. A certain editor (her initials are Ms. M.S.) got very irritated last night with the "mess" she said Robert Ray and I had handed her. She left at about 5:30 in a huff, saying she would finish editing it at home. As a side note, when Marcus Huff left in a huff, now THAT was a Huff.

   But I digress.

   Had a disturbing dream last weekend and it went like this: I was at a charity event and Jeff Foxworthy came up to me and said, "They want me to do fifteen minutes. Do you want to do a bit with me?" I said sure, of course, I'd be honored. "When I pull out a banjo," he said, "you come up and give me grief and we'll have fun with it and play off each other." He went up on the stage and did several You-might-be-a-redneck jokes, then pulled out a guitar. I was thinking of all the things i'd say and how I'd say it. I was getting rather amped, because the pressure was on—his could be hilarious, or it could bomb. Jeff put down the guitar and picked up a mandolin. I looked at it carefully. It didn't look like a banjo. Was it perhaps a weird, South Carolina banjo? I decided it wasn't and waited. I was getting more nervous. Jeff finally put the mandolin down and picked up a sitar. By now, several kids came to the front of the stage. They were laughing and joking with Jeff. He finally invited them up on the stage and they riffed on everything. They were laughing and having a good time. Finally, Jeff does one more joke, gets a standing ovation, comes off the stage, walks over to me and says, "You missed your cue."

   I woke up. The meaning was painfully obvious to me. Dream analysis tomorrow.

   At about six I went out to feed the chickens and saw Sir William Bieber standing by the chicken house. Said hi, stomped my feet and he casually sauntered off. Looked to my right and saw this:

Went for a walk and coming down Morning Star saw this:

The moral of this story is it's so nice to have a cell phone in my pocket because I'm never without a camera.

"You might be a redneck if you think a sitar solo would sound better on a banjo"

—Jeff Foxworthy