Friday, December 11, 2015

Babysitting A Christmas Tree Lighting

December 11, 2015
   Kathy and I have been deployed to Pasadena for grandson babysitting duty once again. It's a tough job but the perks are worth it (hey, plenty of laughs and free food). Headed out this morning to find a Christmas tree:

Weston chooses the tree.

   But we didn't pick that one because it was too large and too expensive. Anyway, we got the tree home and of course, being a two-and-a-half year old boy, he had to try and taste the tree.

"Tastes like lettuce."

 Actual quote. Eventually we put on the lights, but we also had to play hide and seek because, well, we just had to.

"Can you see me Grandpa?"

   Actually, I can see you but lets pretend you are invisible. Okay, back to work.

"If you weren't here, I'd wreck this entire tree in two seconds."

  He didn't say that, but that was the look in his eye.  Ultimately, however, he was more interested in lighting up himself. 

"Look, I'm a Christmas tree!"

"Can we go to bed soon?"
—Weston, at the dinner table after a long day of entertaining his grandparents

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