Thursday, December 03, 2015

The Legendary Nina Joy Has Passed

December 3, 2015
   The legendary Nina Joy passed in her sleep on November 23 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Just talked to Nina's sister Laura and we reminisced how the lovely Nina used to choreograph her musical sets on KDKB back in the seventies. Dan the Man and I remember this well. That's why we featured her on the cover of the Razz in 1973.

Nina Joy on the cover of the Razz Revue in 1973. Artwork by Dan The Man Harshberger 

The splash page layout inside. I took the photos of Nina and also conducted the interview (we were a two-man shop on most things, although we had help from two talented babes: Darlene Willis  and Terry Townsend).

 A year, or so, later we did a cover story on 103 Irregular Arizonans and I went down to a house on Baseline Road where Nina was living in a commune kind of deal. There was a horse in a corral next door and I asked her if she could ride. We crawled through the fence and she jumped on and I got this shot of her.

Nina from the pages of the Razz, along with the late Dwight Tindle and Eric Hauenstein. 

   As her sis Laura said, "Nina was all about the music and the words."

"I thought I heard you laughing, I thought that I heard you sing. . ."
—"Losing My Religion" by REM, one of Nina's favorites


  1. Wow, very cool, Bob!

    1. Well back in 1972 I was quite nuts, but I loved KDKB more than life.. I went to the studio one night, Nina Joy was the night DJ, ynow.. but i actually had gone to the supermarket and bought her a bunch of carrots, yknow? with the tops on them, the whole thing... I said "This is for you Nina and KDKB for your clear vision right? And a couple weeks later I saw billboards around Phoenix, the big "Clear Channel" billboards... there was a cartoon character of a hound dog, lounging back in a hammock or something with a huge bunch of carrots.... and the caption on the billboard was KDKB Krazy Dog Krazy Boy.

      True story, I guess my first culture jamming LOL

  2. Christy VB4:12 PM

    Listening to the Radio Free Phoenix tribute to Nina right now - Fantastic! My husband (known as Chief Bob) was the engineer at the station and knew Nina. Great music; wonderful memories.

  3. remember her, great dj. great station! sorry to hear this in 2018

  4. I was just trying to take a look back and saw Nina'a passing.She was awesome everyday and i actually was givin some studio play 45s by ConnieBently i think it was( producer).My life was definately enriched after KCAC by listening to her show daily.I was only in my early teens in the early 70's.If technology ever get up to speed and a TIMEMACHINE becomes a real deal- one of tbe very 1st places im going back to is Maryvale when her show was on.Those recorded reel to reel tapes atelectasis ng gone like so many important friends, i sure like to listen even 1 more time....


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