Friday, April 26, 2019

Alchesay High School

April 26, 2019
  John Langellier drove up from Tucson this morning and when the professor is in the house I get to see some of his latest treasures, including this original cabinet card, 1888, of Alchesay, standing center, with three of his Apache scouts. 

   Alchesay became a major proponent of education and the high school at the Fort Apache Reservation is named for him.

   When I met the Lutheran Pastor Arthur Alchesay Guenther at White River about a decade ago, I was thrilled because not only was he named for Alchesay (who became a Lutheran!) but the great Apache leader held the young baby Guenther in his arms for his baptism. Now THAT, my friend, is two degrees of historical separation.

   John also brought up some very cool shots of Colonel Tim McCoy, like this photo:

Tim McCoy in "Bush Ranger"

   And, then there's this stunner:

Castle Hot Springs Outing?

   This photo, above, is unmarked (no date or location), but it looks a bit like Castle Hot Springs east of Wickenburg. Of course, it could be Sabino Canyon, outside Tucson; or Aravaipa Creek; or even on the Gila, north of Silver City. Or, for that matter, a dozen other Southwestern canyon creeks. Hard to say.

   Meanwhile, I often talk about Martha Summerhays and her arrival at Fort Apache after a three month journey, and her witnessing a Lieutenant's wife playing a game of tennis, in 1874. Well, here is a tennis court scene from Fort Huachuca, Arizona Territory.

Tennis Foursome at Fort Huachuca, 1891

   I have heard of people hitching odd animals to children's wagons, but this, ahem, Go Cart, takes the cake:

The Goat Cart, "Corner of Bake Shop
& Quartermaster Stables"
Fort Wingate, New Mexico Territory, late 1880s

   And a patented Kepi Kap Kid Kart.

Circa 1885

   There are hundreds more, but this will give you a taste of what my day is like when the French lad is in town.

John Langellier and his 600-plus  page manuscript (195,000 words!)
on Powhatan Clarke.

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—Old Vaquero Saying

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