Monday, April 08, 2019

Why has True West Survived for the past 20 years? Kathy Radina has the answer

April 8, 2019
   A total smart-ass once said to me, "Kathy is the funny one in your family." This cut me to the quick. Hey, I am the Humor Master in the family! 

   I made a vow that I would never talk to that asshole ever again. 

   My father also said other blunt things to me, because he was an outspoken Norwegian, but that's the one that really got to me.

   Speaking of stubborn Norwegians, here is the second part of the bizarre journey to buy True West magazine.

September 18, 1999

   The two Steves sell True West magazine to the Two Bobs in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

L to R: Steve Cundiff, Steve Gragert,
Bob McCubbin and BBB.

   And then, the roller coaster ride began in earnest. For starters we began losing $30,000 a month. This went on for a couple years and both of the early investors bailed. Other investors stepped up and then they fled as well. One of them threatened to kick my ass on the way out the door. Another one laughed in my face and said we would be out of business within the year. That was in 2003.

   Several times we were on the verge of closing the doors, but somehow we made it through. How?

   Kathy put it this way:

"What they did not understand is that they were talking to a Norwegian. Only child. Viking invader. Once the decision has been made to invade, conquest is the only option."

—Kathy Radina

   Okay, maybe she is the funniest person in our family. And, by the way, this is what I want on my tombstone:

Bob Boze Bell
Viking invader. Only child.

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