Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Five O'Clock Storm

April 24, 2019
   Failed yesterday at saving the Billy cover. Came home from work last night, tired and defeated, and parked in the garage, listening to John Prine on my phone. Glanced behind me, and saw this scene of Ratcliff Ridge lit up like a birthday cake. Took the photo without turning off the song, “Hello In There.” Gave it all a movie soundtrack vibe. 

"5:45 Storm Over Ratcliff Ridge"

   Grabbed a bag of groceries out of the back of the Flex, turned for one more look and it was gone. The bright light on the ridge had dimmed and the storm looked a pale gray.

   Pay attention. It goes quick.

"Old People just grow lonesome waiting for someone to say, hello in there."
—John Prine, "Hello In There"

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