Thursday, November 24, 2022

Chariots of Firewater & Rat Rod Logic On Turkey Day

 November 24, 2022

   My artist amigo, Buckeye Blake, sent me this ridiculously photoshopped image which I would call, "Chariots of Firewater," but that would be horribly insensitive to alcoholics everywhere. 

   And so I simply say, "Don't drink too much today, and please, go light on the buffalo wings." 

  File this one under:

Wagon Mound Cowboys Branding

1890, Vinegar Collection

   Jana and I taped a segment on Horizon last night with Ted Simons. If you missed it, I'll post a link when they put it online.

Rat Rod Logic

   Last Sunday Kathy and I motored into the Beast to have a birthday dinner with the Ds. Specifically, Dan The Man, who turned 75 on Saturday. While at their spacious home, Dan took the guys out to his makeshift garage to take a gander at his "Rat Rod" which he has been working and noodling on for at least a decade. One of the choice little zane factors on the Rod is a baseball embedded in the windshield. How did he accomplish that, someone wanted to know. Dan related he took it to a glass shop and told them what he wanted and they said, "Can't be done." So he went home and did it himself. We laughed because, that has been the operating motive on almost everything we have attempted to do in our careers. When we asked a media expert if Arizona needed a humor magazine, the expert huffed, "Can't be done!" and so we printed it ourselves.

The older guy points to the embedded baseball
in Dan The Man's Rat Rod windshield

   So, Vince Murray and I are hot on the trail of doing some faux book covers and movie posters to support a fictitious writer and his popular books, who we have named Glenn Burns, as a composite for a couple writers we know, one legendary the other notorious.

Eggenhoffer Rocks, Deluxe

   Love these old covers.

   Inspired by these, I am revisiting some of my old characters and character studies.

Daily Whip Out: "Bisti Badman"

   Thanks to Mad Coyote Joe, here is our newsstand rack position in the Payson, Arizona Safeway. We fret quite a bit about what exactly to put in that upper left corner, under the masthead, because sometimes, like here, that's all the customer sees.

All The Customer Sees in Payson

   Around the Thanksgiving table today we talked a bit about all of those who we love but are gone. It's a long list and growing longer. Here is one takeaway for me. . .

"Be thankful for all the things you deserve but haven't got, yet."

—Old Vaquero Saying

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