Thursday, November 03, 2022

Snow Flurries In Prescott But the Real Storm Is Shaping Up at The Phippen

 November 3, 2022

   Well, this is a treat for a desert rat, we've got snow flurries and it's 37 degrees in Prescott. I am up here to install the Hellraisers Art Show at the Phippen Art Museum. Woke up to this view.

The Elks Building in downtown Prescott

   Got out to the Phippen around noon to find Neal and Jeannette putting the finishing touches on the Cascade.

Neal Puts Last Letter In Place On Cascade 

  And here's an unadulterated look (without me in the way) at the Cascade:

The Cascading Collage with title

  The lone sculpture in the show is a small version of this ten-footer at the Prescott Valley Civic Center.

   Debbie Gessner of Bronzesmith created this from my painting of the same name. I shot this photo yesterday and walked down to Staples to see if I could get a blow up on foam core for the show, only to run into an ex-Creeker, Dennis, who hooked me up with an oversized print on foamboard.

Dennis does good work
(and he knows Jeff Carneal so he can't be all bad)

   Had breakfast in the Peacock Room this morning and yesterday me and the Cattletrack Crew celebrated at Casa de Perez and took this goofy shot with Mark and Penelope.

Road Rules Goofy Shot #1

"Breakfast is always more fun in hotels."

—Alan Rickman

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