Sunday, November 20, 2022

This Just in: Donkeys Are In So Could Mammoth Jacks Be Far Behind?

 November 20, 2022

      I just read a review for a new movie, "EO" about a donkey. No, really. EO is allegedly the sound they make, at least in Polish. The American version is closer to Hee-Haw. Turns out there are two other new movies that feature an ass, I mean burro. One is "The Banshees of Inisherin" where Collin Farrell is trailed throughout the movie by a donkey named Jenny. The other film, "Triangle of Sadness" features a donkey in a more desperate dish mode. So donkeys are having a moment.      

   Apparently, The Top Secret Writer and I were way ahead of the curve when we created a certain mule-riding character many moons ago:

     He, in the above panels, refers to this captivo.

Mickey Free, The Graphic Novel

circa 2010

All true, perhaps that was the problem?

   The main problem being, we never published it, except for this excerpt, above. Are we nuts? Are we lazy? Are we out of touch? Ah, yes, to all three.

“The great tragedy of popular history is the slaying of a beautiful folk hero by an ugly fact.”

—Aldous Huxley

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