Tuesday, November 08, 2022

The End Is The Beginning of Something New

 November 8, 2022

   Spent most of last week in this fine old hotel as we prepped the James Gallery in the Phippen Art Museum for our opening on Friday night.

Prescott's Historic Hasssayampa Inn

   This is my headquarters when I am in town. And this is the venue—or, more accurately, the canvas—we had to work on

Hellraisers & Trailblazers Show

(The raw beginning)

   This is a photo, above, I took of how raw and empty the James Gallery was on Wednesday afternoon. That's Brent Bond, at left, lining up the stud hangers for the big Cascading Collage and that's Jeannette Holverson, curator at the Phippen, pulling out her notes to attack all of those paintings and scratchboards along the back wall. And here is Jeannette and Neal on the day of the show.

And here's a shot of the same room on Saturday during the book signing.

Standing Room Only

   What a wonderful event. Thanks to everyone who made it work.

   Today, I am picking up the pieces in the studio, cleaning out the mess from the Hellraisers project which has clogged my studio for three years. Wow! Hard to believe.

   Got some new images to do, like this one:

Daily Whip Out: "Long Faced Juan"

   Of course, now that the show is over and the book is out there, I start running across more images I wish we would have had for the book.

Gay Nineties Hat Lovers
(That hat lovers love)

   Meanwhile, got a new project, that is actually an old project and it involves movie poster parodys featuring this guy.

A Legendary Mexican Comedian

   Only in our story he will look more like this:

Cantinflas As A Certain One-eyed Captivo

(thanks to Buckeye Blake for finding this)

   So, one project ends and another begins. Somehow, this quote gives me solace.

"We are neither the beginning, nor the end."

—Lydia Millet

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