Wednesday, October 02, 2002

October 1, 2002
We are sending out a press release regarding one of our articles in the new issue: some of the highlights:

Contact True West Executive Editor Bob Boze Bell, 480-575-1881
In the summer of1891, one of Tombstone’s most infamous characters
showed up in town without a gun, without a name and without clothes.
Calling himself “O Homo,” the naked man became a sensation, spending a
month in jail for indecent exposure while simulataneously writting a
column for the The Prospector.

Famous Tombstone photographer Camillus S. Fly paid him $5 to sit for a
photo, and then snapped three shots of him the Thursday afternoon of
July 30, 1891. They sold for a pricey $1 each and became a popular

But no known copy of that photo has ever turned up, and True West
Magazine--telling O Homo’s amazing story in its November/December
issue--is offering a $500 reward for the right to publish a verified
authentic photo.

“In an old West populated by notorious characters, O Homo is one of the
gems,” says True West Executive Editor Bob Boze Bell. “We have an
artist’s rendering of what Fly’s photograph might look like; we have an
engraving published by the San Francisco Chronicle, but we’re after the
real thing. And we’re willing to pay real money to publish it.”

Bell said he’s betting someone has a copy of the photo in an old album
somewhere, not knowing what they have. He’s hoping the reward will make
people dig out those old albums to take another look.

Anyone finding O Homo’s picture should contact True West immediately.

Call toll free at 888-687-1881 or email to

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