Monday, October 21, 2002

October 21, 2002
Finally delivered the 12 paintings to Kierland Commons Resort. Drove down at 11 and dropped them off with Pam Hollingsworth. She said she liked them. Check’s in the mail. Drove over to El Conquistador for lunch but they were closed on Monday, so I backtracked down to Rolberto’s. Got a Seven-up, two carne asado burros, a machaca burro and a bean burro to go ($`2 cash). Ate half the carne asado burro and drank the Seven-up (old style bottle) great.

Got back to office around 12:30. Bob Brink came in around one, he was at the national magazine conference at the Biltmore. Wants me to go with him tomorrow. Sounds like a good networking deal. We got a nice hit in the Republic this morning. They ran a picture of our Billy issue and our stats (an article on pubs done locally).

Wrote up the financials. Got some very good things going from Don’s (the accountant) numbers: Financials for September show excellent trends: We grossed a record number for September. We have decreased losses by 75%.And, probably the most exciting number in the report, showed a healthy 40+% growth from this quarter to the same quarter in 2001.

Sub monies are down, but we expect the museum mailings to kick in next month. We are expecting the museum program to bring us 20,000 new subscribers
in 2003, and this will help our bottom line significantly.

Newsstand revenues are increasing significantly and we expect them to double by the middle of 2003.

Our ad goals for 2003 are to put out 10 issues and average above [a record number]. Already, sales for the special travel issue are showing strong potential. Mike has hired a fifth sales person who will start on November 1, and Mike assures me we will be in record territory for the rest of the year. I believe him. Mike hasn’t been wrong yet.

Some of the staff leaving too early, need to nip that in the bud. This is deadline week and several have bailed at four! Just disgusting (and exactly what I would have done when I was an overpaid employee).

Worked until 5:30 and interviewed Cynthia Williams. She wants a job editing. Bob McCubbin’s mom fell and broke her foot. He’s in the hospital in Colorado Springs (where she lives). We need him to proof Fifty Photos piece before it goes to press on Friday.
I feel very competent. So rare (unique to turning in a big assignment). I have big ideas on houw to build on this. We’ll see.

“There is only one journey—going inside yourself.”
—Rainer Maria Rilke

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