Saturday, October 12, 2002

October 11, 2002
Got up teeming with ideas about the “Bullpen” logo. Finished a gouache version and may use it. I still want to do a utility scratchboard version.

Waiting for Eric from Mobil Car Care (8:40) to show up and start ‘49 Ford. Put trickle charge on about eight so at least the battery will have some charge.

Got into office at nine. Gus back from vacation, so we scrambled to put together Classic Gunfights: Assault On Ingalls Turns Bloody. Gus has a great map and we shoehorned it in (it always looks like it won’t fit, then you keep massaging and massaging and it all fits perfectly. One of the miracles of layout.) Ha.

Met Kathy for lunch at El Ped ($12 cash). Big crowd there for the “bowl” charity (buy a custom made bowl for $10 and the money goes to charity). Talked about our Parent’s Day trip tomorrow to Flag: NAU. Deena is bringing her 6 foot 7 boyfriend. Changes the dynamics of the trip.

Good solid afternoon, finished roughing in Classic Gunfights, tweaked the new Outfitting The West column with Abbey. Meghan did very well. There’s only a couple things hanging and we’ll fix them Monday. Issue is going to be very strong.

Kathy picked me up at 5:20 and we drove down to PV Mall area (called Russ—every time I drive by Hearn— I call him). While Kathy returned a pool gizmo, I bought two Coronas at a market ($4.50 cash) and, then while she went into Target, I sat in the parking lot and drank one (trying to save money from ordering in restaurant). Shot up to El Conquistador for dinner ($26 cash) and had the chicken mole enchiladas (Man they were good!). Ran into my ex-mother-in-law. Really great to see her. Asked about all her kids (really tragic: one heroin overdose, another recovering heroin user, two gay, one estranged, guess which one I was married to? Ha.)

Got gas ($8 cash), got into an argument on the way home about me wanting to leave early (see BBB Road Rules, Sept. 28) tomorrow morning. We’ll see who wins.

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