Thursday, October 17, 2002

October 17, 2002
Woke up at three again. Came out and went to work. Finished Climax Jim at 5:12. Two more to go.

Rained last night. Just beautiful out. Got going on Marshall’s face and body. Pants look good. Going to take a break (6:13) and go for a walk with Kathy.

Nice and cool on walk. Coyote tried to take Peaches down. She was yelping and crying. They attacked again when we came back, coming right into the yard. I need to get my paintball gun fixed.

Got Marshall’s shirt painted in, working on guitar and face (7:42).

Carole E-mailed me with financial conerns. Need to go over recievables and spread sheet.

I think I got Marshall’s face (8:19). God Dammit, don’t touch it!

Of course, I went right back over and diddled with the face, got caught in a corner, cursed, rubbed out, almost lost it, got him back, he looks too old. Jesus! Give it up! (8:45).

Finally finished Marshall painting (9:24). Overworked. Face is too light. Can’t stop, got one more to finish.

Wailing on Commodore Perry Owens, last one. Got in face (overworked), hair okay (he has very long hair, very unusual for Old West). Shirt is good (10:15). Got to finish.

Kathy is disappointed in me. She thinks this is really off purpose. I’m afraid it is. Need to protect magazine. I know, I know.

Ruined the face (Commodore's), did a wash over it, made it messy, knocked it back. it’s okay, not great (10:38). Going to shoot it and go. Tired. Exhausted. Not real happy. Too rushed. Marathon.

Shot it (10:48), now to my real work.

Gus took the initiative and laid out the Ingalls second spread all by his lonesome. He didn’t need me, it looks great! Worked and shoehorned in all the copy and cutlines.

Sue H. is restocking the store and it’s never looked so good.

Went to lunch with Carole at House of Joy. She bought (it's bosse's day). Good talking with her.

Daniel’s layout for The Fifty Most Important Photos came back and it is a knockout. Dan is on a roll. My only complaint was he put a big “50” over a Charlie Russell painting (on another layout for Lewis & Clark piece). When I called him he said it was because the print we had was so crappy, he felt he had to do something. The only problem is with the Helena Historical Society, and I’m sure I’ll hear from them.

Came home. Big storm coming in (5:45). Tired, have a headache. It is nice to have the assignment done. I’m going to see about posting the above images on here so you can see if they were worth the angst. Ha.

"When any creativity becomes useful, it is sucked into the vortex of commercialism, and when a thing becomes commercial, it becomes the enemy of man."
—Arthur Miller

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