Friday, October 18, 2002

October 18, 2002
Kathy got sick last night. Bad headache, she took a pain pill, but at about midnite, she threw up. I had a headache also (I’m hoping it’s from my work marathon and not cancer). Woke up about 4:30 and heard a clipped yelp from Peaches. I was worried that it was the coyotes coming into the yard and they got her. Scrambled up and out in the dark, but Peaches was in studio (must have dreamed it). I let her out and went back to bed.

Called Bob McCubbin last night and he told me where I could find a photo of “Black Faced Charlie” Bryant for the Ingalls shootout. I’ll call John Boessenecker today (it’s rarely been published, and turns out we published it in 1995, Gus found it. He’s so good.). Bob also put in a plug for including the Rose of Cimarron, Nora “Rose” Dunn, the legend of the girl who allegedly brought a gun to Bitter Crreek during the fight (I don’t believe it and neither did Glenn Shirley, but Bob M. wants to believe it).

Need to deliver the Kierland Commons images today. I’m going to give them the last three originals (Commodore Perry Owens, Climax Jim and Marshall Trimble) rather than go to all the trouble of scanning them, taking them to Techniprint, getting prints, etc. I was going to give Marshall his original, but I missed his likeness and I’ll redo it for him.

Got into work around 8:30. We are still tweaking and correcting the Fifty Most Important Photos piece. Really a marathon. Pam from Kierland Commons called at about 11 and said today is a bad one to turn in art, and could I do another piece of art, this one on Pearl Hart, the female bandit? So I need to do another painting this weekend and turn everything in on Monday. Kind of nice to get a reprieve.

Came home for lunch and ate leftover tacos. Got back in office around one, Bob Brink came in (he’s been in New York all week on Hearst biz). He brings so much calmness to our operation. I told him I wanted to hug him I was so glad to see him, which always makes him cringe. Ha. We went over various problems and opportunities and he gave me the skinny on it all (he really is like my Godfather!).
Worked on correspondance and returning poetry, art requests, etc. Attempted to clean off my desk, but it’s such a losing proposition. Came home at around 5:30, stopping at the post office to mail off around 20 letters and postcards.

"It's kind of fun to do the impossible."
-- Walt Disney

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