Tuesday, October 08, 2002

October 8, 2002
Finished three paintings Sunday. Decent stabs at Lewis & Clark (which is way out of my normal territory). The January issue is going to be quite strong with Bob McCubbin’s 50 Best Photos feature.

Kathy spent the day hanging up paintings in my studio hallway. Really looks nice. I am such a pig. Just disgusting how I trash out my area. I was reading Lon Megargee’s life story last night and they said he had “a messy studio,” and I thought so little of him, it was such a turn-off (projection, eh?).

Knocked off around four and made salmon, cooked some pasta and opened a bottle of 1999 Merlot from Costco ($14 bottles of $24 wine, or so the wine steward told us). It was quite good.Watched the Sopranos and enjoyed it.

Got to finish 11 paintings for Keirland Commons by this Friday. Going to be tight. Need to divide my time at office and studio. Plan to go in early, then come home for lunch and work all afternoon here.

What a joke! Got caught up in office embroglio. Had two employees flip out on me. Just nasty stuff. After it calms down some I’ll tell you the gritty truth, but at this moment it’s too raw for human consumption.

In spite of this, we had an excellent staff meeting this morning with the whole crew. Invited Dewey Webb who is working on a piece on the top ten grossing Westerns. It is not who you think it is. Staff got quite into it arguing about the real top three (they couldn’t believe it), lots of energy expended. It’s that energy I want to capture in the magazine.

David K. read my journal entries and posted the following: “I am still mad at your mother for giving you the Billy the Kid book that changed you from "rock bad boy" to "cowboy bad boy." And Kathy is right, you should get a brain scan.” He also added, “By the way, everytime I see a lost penny I think "western" (true!). It's like having a Tex Ritter tune stuck in my head and I can't get rid of it. I may have to go to therapy to have your subliminal suggestion removed from my head.”

Got the photos developed for the three paintings ($11.87 cash). Just hate them. Want to repaint all three, but I can’t. I’m just such a pathetic painter, it’s not even funny.

Big Tom has survived where at least two dozen cats have not. His story tomorrow.

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