Monday, October 21, 2002

October 19, 2002
Computer acting up. Lost yesterday’s entries (and Saturday’s). Ouch!

We met Deena at Chompies Deli on Saturday afternoon and had lunch ($42 cash), then went to Costco for groceries, etc. ( $89 house debit), went thru Walgreen’s drive-thru for headache prescription for Kathy ($8 co-pay), then stopped at Dairy Queen for a treat ($4.38 cash).

Very good weekend. Painted four images, two of Ike Clanton, one of Pearl Hart and redid Marshall Trimble’s face (I think I saved the painting). Came up with the title “Bandit Babe,” for title of Pearl painting. I actually leaned on her looks and gave her a Gibson Girl look, with knitted eyebrows, bedroom eyes, bee stung mouth, petite nose. Basically utilizing everything I’ve learned from my publishing experience: distorting history for commercial gain (see quote below).

Kathy made a turkey and took half of it to Deena’s house in Tempe. I finished painting around 4:30, had two glasses of wine and some turkey. Watched the Sopranos. Best show on television. Our satellite feed went out twice during the last ten minutes so we missed some vital dialogue.

"When any creativity becomes useful, it is sucked into the vortex of commercialism, and when a thing becomes commercial, it becomes the enemy of man."
—Arthur Miller

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