Tuesday, October 22, 2002

October 22, 2002
Time, memory and history, the three things I am fascinated with the most. Kathy gave me these while reading about someone, I can’t remember who (Ha. Creativity is remembering what was said, but forgetting who said it.). Went for a walk in the cool morning air. Beautiful sunrise. Almost ran back to the house to get my camera but decided to just enjoy it. Inspired to do a story about the discovery of a photo that changes everything.

The entire staff and I went to lunch at El Encanto to celebrate Mike M. birthday (43) and Abby (25) and belatedly Boss' Day (that would be me). Great time, talked about movies, media gossip, sat outside by the lagoon. Really nice out. When it came time to pay, I predicted that we would be at least $25 short (there were 15 of us and my experience has always been everyone puts in short). Imagine my surprise when Carole said we were over and did anybody need any money back. Now that's an honest staff! Somebody must have really put in the dough because I only put in $2. Or so.

When I handed my artwork in yesterday, a guy came in with a large Anasazi painting and set it in the conference room where I was unbundling my paintings. I looked at it and thought, “My stuff is shit. I am totally unworthy to even be in the building with that. Here, let’s get some lighter fluid and light my crap on fire and burn it before anyone else sees it.” Of course, what I actually said was, “Nice image.” What a phony Bastard I am.

And speaking of phony Bastards, we have received a supposed journal from Tombstone and it reads too good to be true. Of course, we all want to believe that there are these letters that will tell the true story, but my gut tells me there’s something terribly fishy here.

“Trust your hunches. . . . Hunches are usually based on facts filed away just below the conscious level. “
—Dr. Joyce Brothers

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