Monday, October 14, 2002

October 13, 2002
Back from a weekend in Flagstaff. We left at 10:30 on Sat. morning. Ha. After I made such a big deal about leaving early and Kathy gave in, I decided I needed to work on the paintings for Kierland Commons before I left. It was worth it. I pencilled in six tight images ranging from Commodore Perry Owens to Curly Bill Brocius. Called Marshall Trimble and asked him about Ashfork, which is where he’s from and told him I wanted to do the painting of him standing next to the railroad tracks in Ashfork. Which direction, or landmarks would he like in the painting? He told me he wanted Bill Williams Mountain behind him. Ashfork used to be a big train town with eight tracks splitting off there and a huge Harvey House. It’s all gone now.

Deena came with us and we got to Flag at noon, picked up Tommy at his dorm and had breakfast at The Place ($22 cash). Deena had us in stitches, telling us about this movie she keeps seeing on cable called “Kung Pow-Enter The Fist.” She was doing the voices and I had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard.

As a treat I forced the kids to go to the Northern Arizona Museum to see the Maynard Dixon show ($15 cash). He’s one of my heroes and what a draftsman he was. Really great and enjoyed it.

Checked into Aspen B&B, tried to take a nap, but didn’t take. We all went down town to go shopping. Bought an illustrated book on Absynth ($21 cash). Very cool. I bought Deena some shoes ($29 cash).

Went to the Parent’s Day bar-b-que at 6:30. Buffet outside, cold burgers and beans, but hey, it was free (except for the $18,000 tuition and dorm fees). Football game was kind of cool. They have an inside arena and you can really hear the hits and the coach’s swearing. Good game (Sacramento State won), lots of Phoenix kids on NAU team. We left at half-time (the girls are wimps and Deena’s feet hurt from new shoes. Ha.). We went to Blockbuster and rented “Kung Pow—Enter the Fist.” ($4 cash) Took it back to T’s room and watched it. Of course it wasn’t nearly as funny as Deena’s description of it. At about 10:30, T’s girlfriend Amber and another girl came in and we were introduced. I smiled and worked my way around to her blind side and after a sharp yell, Kathy kind of clothes-lined her and we held her down and inspected her. Kathy took her ears and teeth and I took a close gander at her back and thighs looking for tattoos or needle marks. Just kidding.

Kathy and I went back to the Aspen B&B, but the kids went out and partied. When you are in your fifties, sleep is better than sex (it feels so ilicit: strange bed, no work to do, Now we’re really sleeping together. All right!).

Got up Sunday and read my new book on Absynth. Really fascinating. It was so sixties (that would be the 1860s) with all of the drug use. Virtually all of my painting heroes were absynth drinkers (in fact, it was totally legal and in France they had “The Green Hour” which was essentially Happy Hour, from 5 to 7; the more things change...).

Took off at 11 and drove to Ashfork on I-40. Took about a dozen shots on the railroad tracks looking towards Bill Williams Mountain. Got some good photo reference, took off south to Paulden. Got gas ($18 cash), lots of white trash with bad teeth, and trailer houses. Drove into Prescott via Chino Valley and Willow Creek Rd.

Had lunch at Frontier Natural Market ($23 cash). Tried to return the “Kung Pow” video to the Prescott Blockbuster, but, of course, they wouldn’t touch it. Took off down thru Dewey. Young Farms Pumkin Festival was in full swing and there appeared to be thousands in the fields. I-17 was bumper to bumper all the way in. Got home around four, unloaded and started in on washes for the six remaining paintings. Got some very nice subtle tones going on all six. Watched the Sopranos (really getting dark and foreboding), and went to bed, exhausted but happy.

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of
getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small
manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.”
—Mark Twain

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