Sunday, October 06, 2002

October 6, 2002
I have been missing my daily entries. It’s due to the blogger mentality and I don’t like that. I’ve sort of downgraded these comments to short vingettes, and while it is safer, it is less of a record.

For instance, last Saturday (a week ago) we spent more money than we have in a long time. I need to go back and post these numbers.

“Capitalism is the mother who forgives all her sons.” Great quote from a poet on Prairie Home Companion this morning.

David K. Jones, who I used to do the morning show with is now at WBBY FM in Tampa-St. Pertersburg, Florida. He’s so funny. I forwarded him a liberal bashing E-mail and he sent the following: “Thanks for the liberal bashing email. I have seen the light! I now will follow the wisdom of Rush Limbaugh and Jerry Falwell. A civilization's greatness comes from its ability to extract swift retribution from advisaries not related to any recent transgression. So what if the Tigres and Euphrates are the "Cradle of Civilization." Did Iraq ever produce one person with the skill of Dick Dale? I say, let the carpet bombing begin.”

Finished three paintings today. Did a parody of “Meet The Beatles” album cover only applying it to Lewis & Clark, York and Sacajawea—The Fab Four of American history. Got a pretty good image, although I tend to work stuff to death. Also did an impressionistic Sacajawea “fading” into the background (obvious, heavy handed symbolism). I’m doing pretty good.

Have new glasses with progressive lenses. Now I wear glasses all the time. Takes some getting used to, transition is tricky.

Tried to start the ‘49 Ford but it’s got carburetor problems. Couldn’t remember the charging details (it’s a six volt battery). Tried to call from phone book—Vintage Ford. A guy answers phone, I say, “I’ve got a ‘49 Ford and I want to know what the wattage charge should be on.” He says, “I think you have the wrong number, this is Vintage Fashion.” I say, “Okay, say I’m in casual slacks, and I’m in a ‘49 Ford going to a malt shop, is that the proper attire?” Long pause and a click.
Ed Mell calls just as I’m trying to get the right number. “Hey Ed,” I say knowing he owns several classic cars including a cherry Packard, “What is the correct wattage to charge a ‘49 Ford?” He thinks for a moment: “Well, I don’t know about wattage, but the amps should be on trickle charge, maybe 2 amps.” I say, “Yeh, that’s right, amps, not wattage. Thanks.” Ed is incredulous: “And your dad had a garage?”
“Yeh, well, every time I tried to do anything, he would come over and say, ‘Here, let me do that.’ And he never let me do anything. So I always had to call him to get information, and then he died. So now I’ve got you. Don’t die on me Ed.”
He laughed. Ed just got back from a plein air painting trip with Gary Ernest Smith. Both are monster painters. Very talented and high dollar guys. Good talk with Ed and we caught up on all the painting and kid stories, etc. Great guy. He actually paints so good it pisses me off. Ha.

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