Saturday, October 26, 2002

October 26, 2002
Stress and strain with employee relations. Sales vs. production. Age old animosities. Resentment on both sides. Need to deal with that on Tuesday after the magazine goes to the printer.

Kathy still resents these blogger entries and the freelance art I did for Kierland Hotel. She feels it’s off purpose and I’m not running the magazine. Heated conversation this morning over breakfast. It’s all stressful, but like Joan of Ark said, “I’m not afraid. I was born to do this.”

Talked to Doug Dragoo yesterday about doing something at Rawhide. He’s in the process of buying the property for $45 million. Actually could make sense, finally. He’s interested in a museum and us having an office there.

Didn’t finish off cleaning my office yesterday. Got carried away with various business items and Dalton research (Classic Gunfights for Feb.-Mar). By the way, the outlaw Dalton boys came from a family of 15 children. And the family has always maintained, “Hey, we weren’t that bad, only three of our siblings became outlaws.” And in the land of statistical averages, they’re probably right. That poor mother, it represents almost two decades of childbirth, and she had twins towards the end. Ay-yi-yi!

Went to lunch with Carole and Robert Ray at Tuscani. I bought ($27 cash). Good talkiing with both of them.

Today is anniversary of the O.K. Corral embroglio. It’s been 21 years since I attended the Centennial of the event in Tombstone. Lee Silva’s new tome on Wyatt has a photo showing me on the roof of Fly’s shooting 8mm movies. I remember I had a state of the art camera ($250) and when I see the footage now, it looks like Civil War film, very grainy, jerky, of course it’s silent (which seems so odd today with video cameras). I was shooting for the ages and now it just looks aged.

Eric from 24-hour-mobile-car-care put in new sparkplugs in the ‘49 and cleaned carburetor ($60 Sue check).

It’s very cool out and it’s supposed to snow up in Flag. Going to clean my home studio today. Kathy is off to Tempe to help Deena clean her house (what a mom!).

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