Wednesday, October 16, 2002

October 16, 2002
Woke up at three in the morning mulling all the paintings I have to finish today. Finally got up around 3:45 and came out to studio and started in. Got a good likeness of Commodore Perry Owens going, swithced gears and started on Marshall Trimble painting, got a good Santa Fe railroad car in the foreground and Bill Williams Mountain in the background (thankyou photo reference). Now to nail his image. Decent early morning light in sky. Need to move quick and bold. Need to finish six images by noon. Here goes:
Struggling (7:09). Got in a decent shirt and vest on Bucky O’Neil, then switched to Marshall’s Levi’s. Verdict still out. Moving too slow.
Got the usual mud pies going. (10:44). Nothing finished. Robert just called and said I need everything to him this afternon to get it to Techniprint. Good passages on Curly Bill image (unfortunately, the one I already had one, and I decided to do a better one. Ouch!)
Finished one! (12:36) Curly Bill has fallen. He is laughing. Got to keep moving.
Finished number two, Bucky O’Neil (12:49).
Finished number three, George Ruffner (1:06)
Finished number four, Jim Roberts (1:31)
Climax Jim won’t fall (1:55). Still have rifle and gunbelts to do. Hanging out on Commodore Perry Owens and Marshall. Damn! Ran out of gas. Took a shower, ran film up to Foothills Photos and had them do a rush. Picked up the prints at four, Robert Ray began scanning, to get ready to take to Techniprint in the morning.

Worked with Gus to do a better layout on the Ingalls gunfight. Need to add some of the outlaws. Unfortunately, they are only photographed dead, so I may do some head shots, extrapolating from their death photos. That is, if I can finish this hotel stuff.

Came home. Fried. Going to bed early. Checked E-mails. Got good messages from Kondi (I worked with him at KXAM) and Bill Whitmer from San Diego regarding the business history journal. Thanks guys.

To learn the worth of a man's religion, do business with him.
- John Lancaster Spalding

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