Sunday, August 12, 2007

August 12, 2007
Went on a group tour bus to the Filadelphia Coffe Plantation just outside Antigua, Guatamala. Beautiful place with hand made cobblestone roads, walls and buildings. Saw the entire process from coffee bean (looks like little cherries) to the cup. Made me appreciate a good cup of coffee, which they served us at the end of the tour.

Sketched a great jack mule, all saddled and waiting along side the plantation stables. Also, got good sketches of the rain tattered mountains, mostly volcanic.

Rained pretty hard on the trip back to the ship. Got back at about six. Some went right back to Antigua for a mixer at the University. Kathy, myself and two other couples went to a loud, fish cafe overlooking the bay and our ship. Solved life and got in late.

Leaving in the morning for Antigua again. Staying at a very nice hotel, The Cloisters. I fly out Wednesday, and Kathy continues on to Ensenada on the ship. She flies home in a week.

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