Monday, August 20, 2007

August 20, 2007
Did laundry and cleaned off an art table in the breezeway this morning before I went into work. Kathy is coming home tomorrow and I want the house to look nice.

Kelly Augherton, a neighbor from down the hill, took good care of my dogs and three chickens.

Worked last night on more black and white images. Still not clean enough. Kind of going sideways, but I don't know what else to do:

Dave Rathbone was the sheriff of Mohave County in 1976 and he bought one of my art prints of "Hualapai Roundup" for his office. Later he and his wife moved to Grand Junction, Colorado. Last week they sent me this photo of my mom and dad on their wedding day. My parents were married in Saint John's Methodist Church in Kingman, where Clark Gable and his wife, Carole Lombard the famous actress were married, not long before. I believe Ms. Lombard was killed in an air crash over the Hoover Dam area during the war. She was on a USO tour. Anyway, here's Mr. and Mrs. Allen P. Bell:

Dang cute couple, if you ask me.

I've been reflecting on all the changes we have made in the eight years of putting out True West magazine. I ran across a photo in my studio of the original crew, and of all those in the photo, only Carole Glenn and I remain.

Read a great piece in Vanity Fair about the genesis and evolution of The Simpsons, and how success has taken its toll. The creator Matt Groening is totally estranged from one of the key producers who polished Matt's crude drawnings and made them shine (and commercial), and evidently Matt rarely talks to James L. Brooks anymore. The grind of fighting in the trenches every day wears on people and I suddenly understood why Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin became estranged, and of course The Beatles, and ten thousand other groups. What's truly amazing is how so many of my crew are still here. And most of them even talk to me! Ha.

"If you want to make enemies, try to change something.
—Woodrow Wilson

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