Wednesday, August 22, 2007

August 22, 2007
Yesterday, I picked Kathy up at Terminal 4, Sky Harbor Airport at 3:30 and we immediately went to lunch at The Matador. Sat in the same booth where Deena broke the very first glass on opening day, 26 years ago (Mike, the Greek owner, was thrilled and came over and said in his culture, breaking a glass is good luck). We both had the huevos rancheros and margaritas. Fun.

From there we went up to the Phoenix Art Museum to see the Mexican Printmaking Show (my second viewing). Ran into James Ballinger, the director, and asked him about the catalogue for his 1992 Remington show that had a sketch by Fred of Al Sieber (Brian Dippie alerted me to this). James smiled, took me into the gift shop, dug around in the back issues and, viola, there it was. I'll run the sketch later.

Really hanging out on Classic Gunfights for this issue (goes to press tomorrow). Gus Walker sent in two great maps, so that will help. Thanks Mapinator!

News From The Front Lines
“Eileen Biggs from Telford Stropshire England called to subscribe to TW for her husband, Malcolm. They visited Tucson and Tombstone in July and picked up some TW magazines there. She said her husband has read the issues they got cover to cover.”
—Carole Compton Glenn

In June of 2004 I attended a WETA (Western English Trade Association) conference in Keystone, Colorado. I remember the breakout sessions being very profound and useful, and even though the speakers were talking about Western clothing I thought it applied bigtime to our situation at the magazine. I took notes and copied everyone I thought might benefit from the info. One of the people I copied was Wonderful Russ. He evidently saved them for reference in his business (real estate), and found them recently:

Wonderful Is Wonderful
“Just found this in a saved file and thought you should see it again. LOL
—Great Big Wonderful

June 7, 2004
Just got back from a leadership conference and I know you love the knowledge from these affairs as much as I do. Here's my notes:

Lessons Learned: Keystone WETA Leadership Conference June 4-6, 2004

• What do we do that's stupid? What do we need to stop doing? Make a list (see next item)

• The FUBAR list: what things have we done to "foul up beyond all reason", and we need to have this as a list to give to new employees so they won't go there.

• Hispanics are driving the boot market right now (what can we do to capture this market?) . Hip Hop is driving belt buckle sales, and hats especially in diverse, loud colors.

• Women don't buy brands, they join them.

• Men refer 2.6 people to a brand they like, women—21.

• The 8/16 Rule: if people had good service they'll tell 8 people, if it was bad they'll tell 16.

• The idea that gets the most resistance is probably the best idea (The John Wesley Hardin cover?).

• Women often make the best sales people because they actually listen, and like to talk. It is an acquired talent for most men.

• We need a radio partnership. KNIX, KMLE, KSLX, KZON, exploit!

• is the benchmark for convenience. One click and it's on the
way. Also, if you make an order for more than $25 you get free shipping. This is huge.

• You need to create social interaction (like at Festival of the West),
create events.

• Freebies to the right people. Jones Cola gave away it's pop to the hippest
people they could find. (story with this: "Who's the coolest person you

• 340,000 people are currently making a living on e-bay.

• Affluence always trumps culture. Money rules.

• 19% of American wage earners believe they are in the top 1% of wager

• You have got to make your customer go Wow! Do we make our customers go Wow!?

• Praise in public, criticize in private . Motivate with family by being a
family, you need to involve your employee's family to create a happy

• EZTDBW: Easy to do business with

• Success is never final

• It's not the big that eat the small, it's the fast that eat the slow.

• The Big Secret: treat everyone special.

• Always follow through in a timely and consistent manner . We cannot become what we need to be by being what we are now.

"The key to success is to double your failures."
—Tom Watson, former CEO of IBM

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